In Brazil:


ABVRC - Associação Brasileira de Veleiros Rádio Controlados -  Brazilian Radio Sailing Association: official website.

Vela RC Express - RC sailing in Brazil. News, history, classes and more.

IOM design - Technical stuff about IOM and RG65 (in english).


Builders in Brazil:

Seamaster Nautimodelismo - IOM (Pikanto) and RG65 builder, sails and rigs

Os Piratas - 1M ULY builder

The Best Veleiros R/C - RG-65 (Little Best) and IOM (The Best IOM) builder

Pro Sails - RG-65 (Pro-SR2) builder

ATC Sails & Boats - RG-65 (Pro-wind 65) builder

Nauticurso - RG-65 (NCR 65) builder

Around the world:


ISAF Radio Sailing Division - The major authority of radio sailing in the world


Discussion forums:

Wind Power 

RC Universe 

RC Groups 


Sails and accessories:

Blackmagic Sails - sails - New Zealand

Power Sails - sails - New Zealand

Isobar Yachts -  fittings and accessories - New Zealand

Radio Yacht Supplies - fittings and accessories - New Zealand

Ultralite Radio Yachting - fittings and accessories - New Zealand

SailsEtc - sails and accessories - England

BG Sails and Design - sails - England

Spindrift Sails - sails - England

PJ Sails - sails - England

Housemartin Sails - sails - England

Nylet - sails - England

Mirage Radio Yachts - sails and accessories - Australia

Radio Sailing Shop - fittings and accessories - Australia

Radio Yacht Supplies Australia - fittings and accessories - Australia

Shift Radio Yachts - fittings and accessories - Australia

RMG Sailwinch - sail winches - Australia

Carr Sails - sails - USA

Vektor Sails - sails - USA

Walrus Sails - sails - USA

Windjammin Sails - sails - USA

Midwest Model Yachting - fittings, sails and accessories - USA

Worth Marine - blocks and deck fittings - USA

Brighton Boatworks - fittings and accessories - USA

Leading Edge Hobbies - fittings and accessories - Canada

RC Jachtwerft -  fittings, sails and accessories - Germany

Cap Maquettes - fittings and accessories - France

MX Components - fittings and accesories - Italy

AA-Parts - sail winches, fittings and accesories - Italy

Jelacic Sailing - sails and accessories - Croatia


RC sailing organizations around the world:

Associação Portuguesa de Modelos à Vela - Portugal

Club Argentino de Yatemodelismo CAYM - Argentina 

Classe Vela Radiocontrolada - Chile

Vela Radio Control España - Spain

Model Yacht Association Great Britain - England

Model Yacht Sailing Association - England

American Model Yachting Association - USA  

Model Yachting Resource Center - USA

Canadian Radio Yachting Association - Canada

Australian Radio Yachting - Australia

RC Yachts Australia - Australia

NZ Radio Yachting Association - New Zealand

Kiwi Radio Yachting - New Zealand

South Africa Radio Sailing Association - South Africa

Modelvela Italia - Italy 

Modelli a Vela - Italy

Navimodélisme RC - France

Philippine R/C Sailing Club - Philippines

Malta Model Boating Association - Maltese Islands

Sagami River Fleet - Japan

Model Yacht Club Switzerland - Switzerland