Technical Articles

Introduction to Sailing - You should start here if you haven't sailed before... Learn about  the sailboat and sailing nomenclature, how to sail upwind, how to sail downwind and try to take your first race in a quick pc game (developed by MacGregor Media).  


IOM Design - Technical stuff about IOM and RG65, by Fred Schmidt, from Brazil.


Lester Gilbert Page - The best technical rc sailing page on the internet. - Excellent Finnish page with building and design tips, mainly for the IOM class.


Model Yachting Resource Center website articles  


First timerís guide to setting up a metre boat, from


A simple guide to setting up an IOM boat, by Peter Sutton


Tuning your rig, from


How to Sail Fast:  Rig Tuning, by Bob Sterne


US One Meter Construction Guide - Very complete building guide for rc sailboats. It has been created for the US-1M class, but is plenty of tips that can be used in the construction of any kind of sailboat. File on .pdf format, 65 pages. 


Victoria Resource Center website articles (Victoria class, but most of the articles can also be useful for other sailboat models)


Waterproofing the hatch for the Seawind, by Andy Rust


Modifying the Tamiya Yamaha Round the World, by Fernando Campello